Szymon Pawlik @Match and Spark

Szymon Pawlik

@Match and Spark

The director who combines painting and graphic design background in his works. A painter by education. Simon is especially passionate about projects that involve advanced post-production techniques, especially 3D and VFX technologies.

He also loves developing lifestyle movies, based on working closely with excellent acting talent and top-notch storytelling. Simon’s professional output includes projects for global brands like Microsoft, Huawei, Ikea, HBO, BMW, Fiat, Żywiec, Red Bull, Virgin Mobile, Castrol, and Nokia. At the beginning of his career, Simon spent over 8 years polishing his skills as a supervisor and art director at Orka and LUNAPARK, two post-production studios. With a firm grasp of VFX, he began directing with Platige Image in 2013. Film The Connected Flights created for clothing brand Kubatek was included in the official selection at Cannes in a Van film festival, won the Silver KTR in the Cimematography category, and the Bronze KTR in the Music category. It also won in the Best Fashion category at the 2013 Miami Fashion Film Festival, received the Main Prize at Warsaw Fashion Film Festival and was nominated in the Best Music and Best Editing categories at the 2014 London Fashion Film Festival.