Marta Pruska @Bluebird Artists

Marta Pruska

@Bluebird Artists

She’s a sensitive, ambitious and diligent director. She works collectively, but also likes to have control over every detail.

She loves brainstorming and is always looking for a way to add some art to every project. She sees and captures some details that are not obvious for everyone. She can work perfectly with young actors which was proved by numerous ads with children that she made. Nobody portrays women as she does – she proved herself repeatedly in projects that were specifically addressed to them. She’s a keen observer and is able to show the everyday life in an extraordinary way. Marta worked for such clients as L’Oreal, Garner, Nestle, Samsung, Nationale Nederlanden or Johnson&Johnson. Before she started to make commercials she’d made music videos for such artists as Natalia Przybysz, Ania Dąbrowska, Tomek Makowiecki, Pati Yang, Lady Pank which repeatedly achieved recognition at the iconic Yach Film Festival. She is a graduate of a Direction of Photography department at Łódź Film School. She lives with her family in Warsaw.