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Marek Dawid

@Point Of You

It’s hard to categorize Marek's work as he covers so many different looks and disciplines but his reputation as a true film-maker has lead to him to commissions from all over the world including the US, Europe, Eastern Europe and Middle East.

From the moment you meet Marek you realize that he embraces projects with an emotional content that combine strong visual backgrounds but equally he is able to come up with technical, lighting and visual solutions that enhance every project he takes on. As a Director/DOP (plus very talented photographer) you have a multi-skilled and top professional always working to get the very best out of your film whether it be performance, landscape, tabletop, beauty or high speed. He studied Cinematography at Film School in Poland, Acting at Lee Strasberg’s in New York, Literature Critics and Rhetoric’s at Polish Science Academy and continues to learn on every job he does.